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CREACHA: Proud Loeries 2015 finalist


CREACHA is honoured to have been short-listed at one of the continent’s finest showcases of creative and advertising talent – the 2015 Loeries.

Our entry, a 250g coffee bag designed for The Whippet Coffee in Linden. was a finalist in the Three Dimensional & Environmental Design – Package & Industrial Design category.

Speaking on the creative thinking that went into the design, CREACHA Art Director, Kabelo Ramasobane notes, “The design was inspired by our client’s passion for their business. The Whippet Coffee was looking for packaging that would celebrate the neighbourhood of Linden, be a conversation starter and most importantly a piece of art that their customers could take home or buy for their family and friends. The creative direction was largely fuelled by the strategic insights of the client’s business. The CREACHA studio came alive to deliver a concept and design that reflected just that.”

Says CREACHA’s Managing Director, Erica Kornau-Van Niekerk, “Being a finalist in a competition of the Loeries’ calibre makes us incredibly proud. Despite not catching the coveted bird this year, being a finalist was a great experience for everyone in the Agency and an exceptional endorsement for our work.”

Launched in 1979, the Loeries are the most prestigious creative industry and brand communication awards for Africa & the Middle East. They honour excellence in all areas of marketing, including television, radio and print, communication design, direct marketing, PR, live events, digital communication and more.


A CREACHA in a car for 5 days

Shaun Abdul, CREACHA’s happy-go-lucky multi-media designer, is off to spend a week in a car!

He’s entered a national radio station’s competition to see who can survive spending 24/7 in a car for a whole week. Last one standing wins the car.

Everyone who knows Shaun will know he’s the kind of guy who’s up for anything, and this sounds like a real challenge. We’re sure with his positive, fun-loving attitude to everything he sets his mind to, Shaun will be able to pull it off.

Keep your eyes on our Facebook and Twitter accounts with the hashtag #shauninacar for updates on how he’s progressing through the week.

Go Shaun!

How did that make you feel?


We’ve introduced a short online survey for you to review and rate your experience while working with us. This survey is part of CREACHA’s commitment to creating and strengthening our relationship.

Furzana Moosa, CREACHA’s Head of Client Service says, “Your feedback provides us with an invaluable opportunity to measure your perceptions of how well we are delivering on various critical success factors.”

We look forward to building stronger relationships with you through this voluntary survey, which you can look forward receiving after completion of most projects.




How the CREACHA got its name

People often ask what our name means and how we got it.

One of the defining aspects of our rebrand process two years ago was the name change and corresponding visual identity that would reflect our philosophy and values. The process involved brainstorming sessions over several weeks to sift through ideas, eliminating options that did not resonate fully.

Creative Director, Natalie Coetzee, remembers this process as an exciting but uncertain time. “As with any creative process, there was lots of laughter, off-the-wall and out-of-the-box thinking, which was great. However, we would all go home and sleep on it and the following day most of us would agree that, after some thought, the names were just not right.”

When Art Director, Kabelo Ramasobane, suggested the name ‘CREACHA’ he himself had no idea that it would grow on the company and our clients in such as big way. “All the cool names were taken,” he says. “We wanted to CREATE something brand new, practical and insightful. The result of any act of creation is undoubtedly, change. Creation equals change and at the core of CREACHA’s existence is CREAting and CHAnge.”

This simple approach to our brand has created unique appeal and longevity and, coupled with our values and collaborative spirit, reflects our desire to creatively change the world for each of our clients.



Another Silver Assegai Award for CREACHA


For the second consecutive year, CREACHA has won the Silver Assegai Award for its creative, tactical branding and content management of AfroCentric Health’s internal innovation programme.

This was awarded in the 2014 Employee Relationship Marketing category and in line with the aim of the Assegais, it is a recognition of a ‘breakthrough strategy, creative brilliance and outstanding results in all Direct Marketing media.’ Continue reading


Brainteaser – for the fun of it

What word can be used any number of times in a row  – without changing the spelling  – and still create a real, grammatical sentence?


“Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo”

It is officially the longest sensible sentence created using only one word, and here’s a short video on how it works. Enjoy.