For the love of D#s!gn you have to get your digital b*tt to CREACHA.

We’re looking for a digital designer, with or without a hipster beard but definitely with mad Photoshop skillz. You need to have HTML bones in your <body> and be styled by CSS from the minute you wake up in the morning. We need a team player who can immediately add value.



The right girl or guy for this job is gonna hit the ground designing and styling with natural flair and intelligent decision making. If you’re serious about creating a career, then CREACHA is the right place for you. We believe in making great things and working together to get it right. We also happen to have heavy hitting clients who entrust us with their brands.

This is not ‘just a job’ – this is CREACHA. You can be yourself and learn to grow yourself with some amazing opportunities and pretty rad colleagues.

We really love what we do and we do what we love. We expect you to do the same. The right candidate will have an agency background and enough experience to offer mentorship and creative direction with confidence and tact. You also really need to understand responsive mailer design and development in all its shapes, forms and complexities.


  • Minimum 2 years agency experience
  • Know thy web standards (preferably backwards)
  • Gobsmacking designer that thinks in terms of digital outputs
  • Slicing in Photoshop
  • Be on top of 'with it' on industry trends
  • Familiar with PowerPoint
  • Competent on Apple Mac OS


  • Degree/diploma
  • Mobile App UI design experience
  • AfterEffects
  • PHP
  • Experience using Jquery
  • Ginger

Personal Skills/Attributes

  • A clear understanding of the client-agency relationship
  • Strong analytical background with a creative approach to problem solving
  • Strong communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Disciplined organisational skills in all aspects of job duties with strong attention to detail
  • Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • Comfort in fast-paced, informal, high-energy environment

No chancers please. Your portfolio should speak for itself and demonstrate your suitability for this position. (We are on the internet too – so don’t try swiping someone else’s work, we’ll know and feel kinda icky about it).

Please include examples of what you consider to be your best work with your CV submission.